2DIY Gaming in Year 2

I was pleased to read the tweets about  the 2DIY work going on in Gearies Infants school today, lead by Dan Lea and his pupils. His games group have been creating games, based on brainstorms and suggestions from their classmates ,they are also reviewing ‘harder’ games created by a local Junior school.

Here the pupils are acting as consultants for Cleveland Junior School, informing the students there of how they can improve the games they’ve made.

gearies infants

The children from Gearies will be exhibiting their final work and findings at BETT this year at Stephen Heppell’s Playful Learning Stand. They’ll be joined by their partner school, Cleveland Junior School, who will be taking things a bit further by using action script to create complex levelled games. And taking this even further pupils from Lampton secondary school , who will be showing how they have used 2DIY in PSHE and Community Cohesion. They will also show how pupils in Year 10 have been making tutorial videos on Action Scripting for their fellow students in Year 7.

Both schools are of course indebted to the 2DIY script archive from Porchester School, which is an encyclopaedic source of information on using Action Script in 2DIY

More on 2Simple at the Playful Learning stand:


Visit the 2Simple pod on the Playful Learning stand to see children creating their own quizzes, activities, puzzles and games using 2Simple’s award winning 2Do It Yourself program! Watch children’s learning come to life as they show their understanding of a topic by creating a resource which they can upload online, to share with everyone. Throughout the show children are competing against each other to create engaging activities for their fellow and younger peers whilst demonstrating how simple it can be to create these resources. Watch daily presentations by Max Wainewright, the developer of 2Do It Yourself, exploring the impact that children as creators rather than just consumers of digital media can have on teaching and learning. You can even have a go at creating a game for yourself!

You can also visit 2Simple on stand F59 for demonstrations and free trials of all the 2Simple software range! www.2simple.com

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