Using Online (and Offline) Tools with Teaching Assistants

During my time as advisor for Redbridge LA, I taught some sessions on the six-day ICT course for Teaching assistants. We always began these sessions using 2count to find out how everyone was feeling, this was both a bit of fun and a good assessment for learning tool, as it could also be used at the end of the session to gauge how the group had got on.

On our final session together we began to look at how we could use both on and off-line tools to support Teaching and Learning in Key Stage 1. We took as our curriculum focus, the QCA Geography unit, ‘Our Local Area’. We then brainstormed a number of ideas of how ICT and 2simple software could address the learning objectives in this unit.

The group were most excited by 2Publish+ and they thought it was new to them they were able to quickly create newspaper articles about celebrities visiting Ilford, along with tourism leaflets and display banners. Alongside this the group used 2Graph and 2Count to compile data on ways of getting to school. All these pieces of work were then tidied into a giant floor display, which included the Brainstorm post its and 3D Enhancements. These enhancements came in the form of cars, buses, houses and places of worship created using 2Design and Make.

You can see the display below, as well as a sideshow created by one of the course participants on the day: 

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