Creative Things to do with 2DIY

2DIY Creative Ideas 

I have created a collaborative shared Google Presentation on creative ways to use 2DIY. You can already gain lots of ideas of how to use the software by visiting the 2DIY page on our website. There is also a wealth of great examples to inspire you over on the 2DIY archive. However, I am sure there are lots more ideas out there  and I am always interested by the new approaches teachers and pupils generate.

One such approach from Katherine Smith, is to use the placing screen and a photo import, to create a writing stimulus . Children could be involved in creating and discussing the content of the screen with the teacher. One option could be to then embed it in a learning platform. From there students could work collaboratively (or individually) to craft a piece of writing about what they see and hear on-screen.

I think this is a great use of the placing screen and would be very relevant for Key Stage 2 classes.

2DIY Writing Stimulus

You can grab this file and try it your self by clicking on the image above. You can also find more ideas and inspiration in the presentation below. If you’d like to add other ideas then send me a tweet, email or leave a comment in the box below and I’ll invite you to be a collaborator in the presentation.

2DIY Creative Ideas

(Click on the image to view)

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  1. Nic says:

    Nice Ideas there thanks

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