Grandad came to talk to our class today

I am liking the skins that you can use within 2Create a Superstory. When looking at the aged book pages it got me thinking about how this could be used to support History. Returning to my trusty copy of the National Curriculum Iread that, pupils need to identify differences between ways of life at different times.

 They will get some of this from books, websites and Television, though perhaps one of the best resources are accounts from eye-witness, who may visit the school equipped with pictures and photographs and  artefacts.

Certainly I remember when my Year Four Class had a visit from Mrs Baker, the recently retired school secretary, who came equipped with photos, ration cards and stories, their writing and speaking and listening work really took off. With this in mind I have created a Superstory book that could be embedded within an MLE, that tells the story of when granddad came to school and was interviewed by the pupils.

Click on the image to see the story

This is a deliberately simple book, though in later posts you’ll see how you can use effects, pans, zooms etc to further enhance such books.

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2 Responses to Grandad came to talk to our class today

  1. ebd35 says:

    I can see this being hugely successful in history and many other cross curricular projects. Can’t wait to have a play at BETT ;o)

  2. 2simpleant says:

    I am glad you can see the potential Mary. We’d love to let you have a play with it at BETT

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