Happy New Year

My thanks to Simon Widdowson for posting these images on his Porchester Junior School Blog. These three pupils have used our Online Tools to produce some very nice  New Year themed pieces of work.

 Created using 2Publish extra an online tool

 Sadie D (using 2publishExtra), Class 6, year 3, Age 8

 Happy New Year created with 2Animate Lite

(Click on the image for the full animation)

Created by Louise L (using 2animateLite), Class 6, year 4, Age 8

New Year using 2Publish Extra created using 2Simple online tools

 Emily B (using 2publishExtra), Class 6, year 4, Age 8

Simon asked his class to create work on the theme of  “New Year” as entries for our competition. We asked you to make an activity, game, or other creation using any 2Simple program and send it to gemma@2simple.com . These three entries from Porchester Junior are certainly strong contenders, but can you do better? Don’t forget your pupils could use any 2Simple program, including 2DIY. Full details can be found here

A reminder to readers that the closing date is January 7th, so if you are looking for an activity to do with your class during  the first few days back, this may well be it!

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4 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. Thanks for posting those Anthony, I’ll show the children concerned on Tuesday when we return to school. They’ll be really pleased to see their work mentioned on the internet.

  2. Its a pleasure Simon – tell your learners to keep up the great work

  3. Dobelou says:

    Looks amazing stuff Anthony – brilliant for engaging kids. I’d happily write some lesson ideas on it for Teach-It 2?! Would go into 700 Scottish schools x

  4. Thanks Louise – would love you to write lesson plans for it as part of Teach-IT 2.

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