Caring for your Dog

I have been exploring the reference book template in 2Create a Superstory and found it has huge potential. Children could use this to create their own Information books on a range of topics, as outlined in Year 3 Literacy. This could also be a motivating and engaging assessment tool, for the teacher to find out what the children have learned about a topic. So, if we had been looking at electricity or magnets, why not ask children to demonstrate what they know as ‘superstory’ reference book, rather than a written test. I am sure we’ll see lots of RE, History, Science, Geography etc books in time, but for now here is my book about Dogs. 

Caring for your Dog Book 2Create a Superstory
Click on the Image to read the book


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One Response to Caring for your Dog

  1. Hi, I’m Hollie, the Education Manager at Dogs Trust and we helped Anthony with some great tips for looking after dogs!
    If you enjoyed doing this and want to know more, then visit our fabulous website to see our donwloadable teaching resources, curriculum linked games and fantastic support materials, such as posters, leaflets, and even some great films! ….and don’t forget A dog is for life…not just for Christmas!

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