2Create a Superstory – it works in an MLE

Over the last few days we have been writing lots of  Superstories. You can see some of these  below, just click on the image to download these swf files.

One of the great benefits of having 2Create a Superstory is that the files can be embedded within a VLE or MLE. This means children can retell their super stories when they get home.

I have created a guest Fronter room for you to see this in action, this includes a Flash Header created in superstory. Currently when children or staff create their own MLE page, they often add a header either with text or with a free flash banner tool. But with superstory users will find they have a lot more control over the look and behaviour of the banner, making for a far more personalised page. 

2Create a Superstory Examples within a Fronter Room

2Create a Superstory Examples within a Fronter Room

 To view this room go to:


Login with username:  redbridgeguest

Password: redbridge1234

Once you are logged in – go to choose rooms in the centre of the page, click on display all rooms and 2Simple Demo Room

 Currenet Examples:

Made with 2Create a Super Story

Click on the Image to download and view

Cave Painting made with 2Create a Superstory

Click on the image to download and view

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2 Responses to 2Create a Superstory – it works in an MLE

  1. david says:

    Great Anthony. I would want the stories to be as big as Beaston village episode 1 example as that would be better for the children with special needs I work with.
    More importantly the page turning arrows need to be bigger than even the ones in that story as our kids can’t coordinate for that small arrows.
    Alternatively , it would be nice if you could click anywhere on the right hand page to get to netx page and anywhere on the left page to go back.
    By the way at the end of the books it would be nice to have a home icon rather than having to click all the way back.
    For the future I wonder if you are thinking of text to speech capabilities such that the text as typed can be read back by the book , and switch access ie that page turning could be controlled by the keyboard eg the enter key and hence a switch. However great work so far!

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