Competition Winners

Thank you to all of you who entered our New Year Competition.  It was very enjoyable for Gemma and I to go through the entries and hear from  young learners and their thoughts on 2010. However it was very tough to pick winners as the entries were very strong. Some of you will already know who won, as we announced this last week at BETT. As the winners have now been announced, we think it is a good time to share this with the world.

1st prize: 3 x free home user titles of pupils choice

Pembroke Dock Primary – Sophie Age 5 –My Wish

My Wish by Sophie Aged 5 made using 2Publish+

This was Sophie’s reaction earlier today:

 ‘I can’t believe it! I have won a prize! That is so cool! I can’t wait to get things home to use on my laptop. I love using 2Simple things and try to choose them every special work time. I think my mum and dad will be very excited that I have won something.’

2nd prize: 2 x free home user titles of pupil’s choice

Porchester Junior – Sadie D (using 2publishExtra), Class 6, year 3, Age 8

Created using 2Publish extra an online tool

Sadie has recorded a message for the staff of 2Simple after hearing that she won. Click here to hear it.

3rd prize: 1 x free home user titles of pupil’s choice

Pembroke Dock Primary –  Alfie Year 1 My Wish

Created with 2Publish Online

Here is Alfie’s reaction 

‘I feel happy. I love 2Publish+,  it is my favourite. I like to use the computer every day.’

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