Teacher Options in 2Connect

Thanks to Google Alerts  I found Jason Dilling’s  Blog just yesterday and he asks a question about 2Connect. Jason asks:  I had forgotten how to access the teacher options in 2Simple software.  

I needed access to address two irritations that I had on a regular basis:   

  • 2Connect auto connecting without me wanting ideas linked.
  • 2Connect printing to a printer other than the one that I wanted it to. 

I have now been reminded: Press ‘Ctrl+Shift+O’ on the keyboard to access the teacher options in any of the 2Simple programs. I would still like the option of not having ideas auto connect when they were dragged too close to other ideas…  

 We have now updated our Support site to answer this query. 

Q: How do I stop ideas auto connecting when they are dragged too close to each other? 

A: To modify the auto link variables, go into the teacher options (Ctrl + Shift + the letter “o”) and choose the IDEAS tab. To limit the effect of auto linking, choose minimum values for “link new ideas to other ideas within X pixels”, “swap links when dragged within X pixels of another idea”, and “stop auto links after X ideas”.

 This will not however turn auto linking off completely – to do that, close the program down and open the 2connect.ini settings file which is found in the same folder as the program is installed (by default C:\Program Files\2Simple Software\2Connect\) . Change the line which starts “stopAutoConnectingAfter” to be equal to 1. Save and exit the file.

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