Launch of Online Tools in Pembroke

Online Tools launch in Pembroke

Here is a guest post from our very own Wolf – Andy Hopkins, he writes:

2simple in conjunction with Pembrokeshire Lea Ict Advisory team launched the first ever pilot study in Wales of the Fantastic 2Simple online creative tools at Pembroke Dock Community Primary school.

Many of the parents attended this exciting event and were shown and informed about the tools that the children have access to at school and home.  

Some of the tools are already familiar to children across Pembrokeshire however both the children and parents were suprised and excited to see the Brand New 2Design and Make application. 

The children can design with their parents at home their own masks for birthday parties, parents can have fun designing menus for the week ( hopefully healthy eating ones ) and even create their own dice for board games.

Oh and one more thing no more school work being dropped in puddles or snow and ruined on the way home.

 The feedback from all who attended was very positive and we look forward to working with Anne and Bev more closely in the future

Watch out for news of the next launch at Puncheston School

A big Thank you goes out  to Alona Jones and Duncan Whitehurst at the LEA for their enthusiasm and support with this trial, and Annne Mear and Bev Evans at the school.

The Flapjacks were delicious.

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