Playful Learning Children as Game Builders

Playful Learning

Last week at BETT 2Simple hosted a daily 45 minute show at Stephen Heppell’s Playful Learning stand. We proved that it was possible for children as young as six to create their own games quickly and easily. Many of these children also customised their games further using Action Script. The children involved came from Gearies Infants, Cleveland Junior  in Redbridge and Lampton Secondary School in Hounslow. For the primary aged children this was the culmination of a project they had run of Game design. Here the children in Cleveland Juniors created games for the children in Gearies Infants. They swapped ideas and suggested improvements via blogs and skype. You can read more about this project on their blog here. Thanks also to the BBC who picked this up, read their article, with quotes from our very own Max Wainewright on their news site.

This video doesn’t exist
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5 Responses to Playful Learning Children as Game Builders

  1. Hi Guys

    Great post with all the footage and pictures. Just wanted to see if you could change the link for our website. At the moment you have it going to a very old LGFL website which we never use. Could you change the hyperlink to our blog please. The link is

    Thanks very much

    Simon – Cleveland J Instructor

  2. All done now matey – sorry for bad link – its the one the BBC are using

  3. anjum razaq says:

    yayyyyy us! loool
    this was a lovely recording, i think this was the bes presentation out of the four we did and captures the mood really well. just wanna say thanks for giving us an opportunity to share the work we did on the shared blog 🙂


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  5. Val says:

    Hi Everyone

    Gearies Infants would like to say a big thank you for being able share such a wonderful experience!

    ICT Co-ordinator.

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