Purple People

Here is a guest post by 2SimpleKatherine

2Simple Purple People

Who are the purple people?  We meet lots of wonderful people at exhibitions and events, but at each event there is often someone who stands out as being particularly purple.  These are the people who make us wear our 2Simple T-shirts with pride and remind us all why we work so hard.  You can tell when a purple person is on the approach.   They are brimming with positive energy and enjoy telling anyone in the vicinity about the programs they have in their school.

Yesterday at an exhibition in Windsor, we were lucky enough to meet Marjorie Clementson from Furze Platt Infant School http://www.furzeplattinfant.co.uk/index.asp She was really excited about seeing 2CASS for the first time and couldn’t wait to try it out with the children.  They have nearly all of the 2Simple programs in the school and this is what Marjorie had to say about our sofware.

“The children like using it and so do the staff.  The graphics are excellent and it is user friendly.  The quality of the finished work engages the children and motivates them.  They feel a real sense of pride in their work.”

Marjorie Clementson is Purple Person Number 1.  We look forward to meeting more purple people on our travels.

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