Westlands First School

This post first appeared on the Worcestshire Primary ICT Blog

Thank you to Westlands First School in Worcestshire, who have worked with the Creative Online Tools.

They sent us this video of what the Children thought of the Tools.

A small group of children from Westlands First School have tried out the 2Simple on-line tools for about half a term.
They were presented with the on-line tools, accessed via the Worcestershire Learning Gateway as they are now shibboleth enabled, and then left to get on with it! Apart from a little task to create a poster or programme front for their Christmas play they were very much left to their own devices to decide what to use, for what purpose and when they chose. They came together occasionally to share with each other and their ICT Co-ordinator some of the things that they had done.
They have now begun to teach other children and teachers how to get to the tools using global ids to access the Worcestershire Learning Gateway.
Have a look at the video where they show some of their work and share their opinions of the 2Simple resources on-line.

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