2DIY Display

Thanks to Becontree  Primary Teacher, Kate Jensen, who sent us this display of 2DIY work.

She tells us:

The display is made up of screen grabs from year six’s first ever 2DIY games. While half of the children were at Trewern Activity Centre for the week, these children spent a week off their normal timetable, working on a variety of ‘fun’ activities. They started working with 2DIY to create a variety of games.  Some children got quite confident with the software over two afternoons and created several levels for their game of increasing difficulty. They chose strong themes for their games and  wrote instruction pages. They were very keen for the adults and other children to try out their games. Some children were less confident with the software, but all produced playable games. 

More impressively, every child was thoroughly engaged. And this was just the starting point. I thought the creative ideas using 2DIY presentation was great, so next, I’m planning to get the children to write short stories to turn into 2DIY books.

Do you have some work, tips, photos or anything 2Simple related to share?

If so then do email me  and we may post it on the blog.

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