Using 2Simple to inspire learning within learning platforms: How do you use yours?

We start the week with a Guest post from Learning Platform guru, Fiona Aubrey Smith:

Given that  learning platforms are becoming increasingly familiar as part of school learning provision, it has been fascinating to see how 2Simple tools and outcomes have been used to inspire, engage, enthuse and extend learning.

Many schools are showcasing children’s work by embedding 2Create, 2 DIY and 2Create a Superstory into learning platform pages and galleries. Some examples include:

Lots of schools have been using children’s work as a powerful Student-Voice message; ensuring that the school learning platform is very clearly a place for children’s learning. Some great examples include:

There have been many great examples of children using 2Create a Story talking books to share their news with other schools around the world. Some great examples include:

  • The Hawthorns Primary School – who have been using talking books to share the journey of Benny Bear to their school with other partner schools in Singapore, Australia, the US and Hong Kong.

Have a look at some more great examples at 2Simple’s UniServity demonstration learning platform where there are also guides on how to embed your 2Simple creations into your learning platform. Remember too of course that you can access 2Simple Online tools through your school learning platform to make these exciting opportunities even easier for your children to be part of!

If you have an example to share of how you are using 2Simple within your learning platform, add a comment with a link, and we’d love to hear from you!

(For more updates about 2Simple being used within learning platforms follow Fiona Aubrey-Smith on Twitter:


About Fiona Aubrey-Smith

Head of Educational Development, UniServity
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