World Book Day 2Investigate Online

Yesterday was World Book day , and we used the opportunity to test 2Investigate Online, creating a large database of favourite books from pupils all over the world. As  you can see from the screen grab there was a great many entries, some from as far away as Australia. We have locked the database now, in order to edit it and tidy it up.

However, look out for future developments with 2Investigate online, atool that  will enable much greater collaboration and bring the topic of databases to life.

You can see an early video of 2Investigate online below:

This video doesn’t exist
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One Response to World Book Day 2Investigate Online

  1. Mr Widdowson says:

    My class have been fortunate enough to enter some data into this database and also analyse the results on screen.
    The children found the whole process of entering the data incredibly easy (some may say it was SIMPLE), and they were fascinated with how they could drill down through the data to find specific results.
    They were all able to produce graphs on screen to show the answers to questions I set them, and they found the venn diagram option a wonderfully visual way to sort the data and see how it could be arranged.
    It’s a great online tool, and one that has much more potential once it is released.

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