Creative Online Tools Update

Last week, we added two updates to the Creative Online Tools. I am sure many users will have already spotted these, but for those of you who haven’t, let me point them out.


2Go new screens - part of the Online Creative Tools from

 As you can see we now have a much wider range of background screens and cursors, in order to fit in with more topics. These include:

  • Under the sea
  • A fairy tale castle
  • Help the mouse find the cheese
  • Space and rockets



Logo in Creative Online Tools from 2Simple

We have added a help menu to Logo to remind children of the commands they will need and a box which will explain each command as they type it. This can be toggled on or off with the ? icon at the top right.

If you need any further help with Logo, then we have a list of commands on the resource page of this blog.

If you have any further suggestions, or feedback do let me know, by leaving a comment or email anthony at 2simple dot com.

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One Response to Creative Online Tools Update

  1. markwarner30 says:

    Many thanks for the regular updates. One of my lessons is being observed tomorrow and the space template in 2Go will be very helpful to support our learning about movement and direction in Maths.

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