More Purple People

You may remember that during a recent blog post 2Simple Katherine wrote about ‘Purple People’, which she defined as:

 These are the people who make us wear our 2Simple T-shirts with pride and remind us all why we work so hard.  You can tell when a purple person is on the approach.   They are brimming with positive energy and enjoy telling anyone in the vicinity about the programs they have in their school.

Last weekend many of us were at the Education Show in Birmingham and we met some more Purple people.

Firstly 2Simple Gemma met Jack aged 8. She told me, Jack came to the Education show and impressed me and the rest of the team with his enthusiasm and knowledge of the 2Simple programs. He helped Alan to create a fantastic Superstory.  He is Gemma’s  purple person of the show!

Then, 2Simple Katie met three very enthusiastic teachers, she tells us about Kerri Farrar, Rachel Mee and Suky Dhillon, who are all teachers from Rise Park Primary School in Nottingham.  It was her absolute pleasure to meet them and introduce them to 2Simple Software for the very first time.  Here is a short video clip showing how they reacted to 2Create A Superstory.  They left the stand with big smiles and a CD to try back at school with the children.  Let’s hope they let the children have a go too! :0)

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