Consolarium and 2DIY

Thank you to Alan Yeoman (our man in Scotland) for this post.

2DIY TrainingEarlier this month 2Simple was delighted to support a group of more than 30 teachers and advisers from across Scotland who got together to take a closer look at 2DIY.  The event, organised by Derek Robertson and Brian McLaren from Learning and Teaching Scotland , will be part of the ongoing work of the Consolarium as schools and pupils take on   Games Design and implement the Curriculum for Excellence.

During their time together they explored the full possibilities of 2DIY, creating multi level games and experimenting with altering the Action Script of the various characters in their games.  A strong emphasis was put on sharing and many of those involved left with plans to collaborate with other schools on games design and for pupils to work together to produce multi level games.2DIY Training

2DIY Training

The results will be available on the Consolarium site over the coming months. Those with access to Glow can get a get an early viewing by visiting the 2DIY Glow group click here to visit the group.

If you don’t have Glow access why not try some of the games below?

Little Red Gaelic Levels     



Following the training , teachers recorded voxpops of their views on what they would do with 2DIY. Thanks to all involved for sharing their ideas:

This video doesn’t exist
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