Games Based Learning Part 1

Here is our first post about the recent Games Based Learning Conference
My thanks to Gemma for the words here and to Katherine and Learning Without Frontiers for the pictures – more to follow soon:

2Simple had an inspiring 2 days at the Game Based Learning Conference on 29th and 30th March 2010.

2Simple had an area in the experience lounge attracting game enthusiasts with our very own arcade style game machine for visitors to experience some of the fantastic games created by children using 2Do It Yourself. Of course at this show we were excited to explore the nature of children (and adults!) as creators rather than just consumers of educational games.

2Simple were very lucky to be joined by teachers and children from both Nightingale Primary School in Redbridge and Whissendine School in Rutland. Visitors were amazed by the fantastic games the children were creating, including special features such as power-ups and oil slicks, using Action Script.


The highlight of the show for 2Simple was watching the 10 year old game designers tutoring the visitors on how to make their own exciting 2DIY games. The children then judged the games, based on a set of 5 criteria for making a successful game. These criteria were: Playability, Attractiveness, Special Features, Instructions and Fun-factor.

Photo Credit  Learning Without Frontiers

Congratulations to our 3 winners with a top score of 20 out of 25: Graham Old, Amos Mcmorrow and Sharyn Kilgour-Lloyd, who have all won a copy of 2Do It Yourself!

2DIY Tutoring at Games Based Learning

Photo Credit  Learning Without Frontiers

 If you would like to trial 2Do It Yourself for 30 days at your school, to see how you and the children can create your own exciting activities, quizzes, puzzles and games, call 2Simple on 020 8203 1781 or email

For more information on the award-winning 2Do It Yourself, visit

More images from Games Based Learning in our slideshow below:

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