Game Based Learning Part 2- Tim Rylands’ Game Design Challenge!

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Above is a video of Tim Rylands’ presentation from the Game Based Learning conference on 29th March 2010.

Tim Rylands, an award-winning and innovative Educator, is well-known for his highly captivating educational presentations. 2Simple therefore felt very lucky to be invited to be a part of his presentation during the Game Based Learning Conference. During his 20 minute slot, Tim set four 10-year-old children an exciting task. The aim was to design and create a game on a theme chosen by a member of the audience,  that was to be burnt to disk and placed in a box with a sleeve (also to be designed and created by the children), ready to present to an audience member by the end of the slot! No simple task you might think!

Well, the two children from Whissendine School in Rutland and two from Nightingale Primary School in Redbridge donned their lab coats and got to work. The audience member had selected an envelope from a choice of three and the chosen theme was the Olympics. The children had a brief discussion on the game design and then 2Do It Yourself was hastily opened and the platform game option was selected. They decided they wanted to create a game where the main character had to collect all the Olympic game symbols and then the Olympic torch, so that the 2010 Olympics could go ahead!

Photo Credit Learning Without Frontiers

Once this had been decided, one team got to work on the sleeve design, including title, instructions, an image and who the game was created by. The other team began to design the game, creating all the Olympic symbols, characters and the background using the painting tools available within the program. Once happy with their basic game design, the children decided they had just enough time to add a special feature, to the awe of those in view of their laptops! They created a power up using Action Script to give the character more power to jump up to the highest platforms. With just a few minutes to go they created their instruction screen and burnt the game onto disk. The tension was building as Tim’s presentation drew to a close and the look of relief and pride on the children’s faces as the printer released the finished sleeve was something the 2Simple team will remember for a long time. They had done it, and the Olympic games could go ahead! Phew!

The children had wonderfully displayed many of the fantastic benefits of game design in education. They had worked together as a team, designed an exciting game based on a specification set by an audience member, tested and edited their game to suit their audience, written comprehensive instructions, explored mathematical language using Action Script and designed the game sleeve, all in 20 minutes!

The roaring applause from the audience was a good indicator that everyone was incredibly impressed by what the children had achieved and their teachers were beaming with pride.

Huge thanks to Tim for his inspirational presentation and for instigating and supporting such a fun and exciting project. And another massive thank you to the 4 super game designers and their wonderful teachers Tania and Nick!

You can watch his presentation in full by clicking on the link above.

Why not initiate a game design challenge in your class using the award-winning 2Do It Yourself software? In an hour-long lesson you may even get the chance to do it three times!!

And here is the winning gamewinning 2DIY game from Games Based Learning


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