Volcanic Ash Cloud 2DIY Activities

Thanks to Simon Haughton , a big 2Simple Fan, for this guest blog post:

The ash cloud blowing down from Iceland is currently causing major disruption to flights across Europe and as BBC News reports, is likely going to cause lots of disruption in schools next week when many pupils and staff are stranded abroad and thus unable to attend in person.

I’ve created three online activities using 2DIY which you might want to ask to children to complete to help them understand the events and places being mentioned in the news. They might also be helpful if you link to them on you school website/blog/VLE and encourage those pupils who are stuck abroad to do them to help them keep ‘in-touch’ with their learning.

You can access them online on my school’s website here.

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One Response to Volcanic Ash Cloud 2DIY Activities

  1. Hi Simon thanks for this post – I am sure these will be picked up by many teachers on Monday.

    I live very near London City Airport and its been so quiet here today.My boys have been asking, “where are the planes daddy?”

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