Purple Monday

Today we launched Purple Mash, our new creative online space. We have seen lots of excitement about this new suite of tools and content from teachers and their classes over the last few hours. So, thank you to those of you who took the time to email or tweet about things you loved and things that you and your pupils had done using Purple Mash.

If you have not tasted any of our mash yet, then why not go along and have a look and by way of a quick introduction, here is a short video tour of our new space:

This video doesn’t exist

While we are very excited by Purple Mash, there were a few bugs and niggles today and thank you so much if you let us know about these. We have traced some of these to a breakdown in the pizza supply to our development team. We also had a battle with internet outages in the Hendon area over the weekend.  They are now full of pizza and ready to code out any issues you spot. Please comment below or email anthony@2simple.com with anything you notice.

I am also really keen to hear about how you think we can improve and develop PurpleMash and want to know what you want us to add into the space. Please submit suggestions here as a comment or on this Google Moderator site, where you can see and vote for what others have been suggesting too.

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