Purple Press!

Here at 2Simple we are currently working on a new e-newsletter/magazine. This aims to be a source of inspiration and support for teachers that have purchased our software, including lesson plans, resources, examples of great practice, reviews, Purple Mash updates, Q and A’s and much more! We would love to hear from you with your lesson plans, ideas, questions etc for inclusion in the e-magazine. Perhaps you have particularly enjoyed using a 2Simple program in a lesson you taught and would love to share it with your fellow teachers! We have already had some lovely tips and tricks through for using 2Create A Superstory and 2Do It Yourself in class so thank you very much for these and please do keep sending them over to gemma@2simple.com.

We would also love to hear your suggestions for the name of this new e-newsletter/magazine. Should it keep its old traditional name of the 2Simple Times, or should we go for something new such as The Purple Press?

All ideas welcome! After all, we want it to be your magazine, jam-packed with articles that will help and inspire you!


About 2simplegemma

I am the PR and Marketing lady for 2Simple Software and am passionate about creative anywhere, anytime learning.
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