Promoting Purple Mash

 Thank you to Simon Haughton  for this review of Purple Mash.

Every chance I get now I try to introduce Purple Mash to people – not only to members of staff and the pupils, but also to parents in our weekly “Child and Parent Internet Club”. Each time they are always amazed by how intuitive and simple the service is to use, and how quickly and easily they can create stunning documents and pictures.

If you’re using 2Lasso to manage your users, one feature which I find extremely useful to use is the little box at the side that appears when you highlight a particular user. This shows you thumbnail pictures of the latest three pieces of work that they have created and saved online, and which can each be enlarged if clicked on.  One of the obvious benefits of the tools in Purple Mash is that by their online nature, children can access them at home and this method of scrolling down the user list in 2Lasso is a perfect way of finding out who has been doing work outside of school. Quite often I’m pleasantly surprised by some of the work I discover that the children have been doing at home – with no prompting or assistance from me – just them, on their own, doing activities of their own choosing in their own free time. Only tonight when I had a quick look did I spot some super work that two girls had been doing – see this post on my school’s website to have a look at it.

Purple Mash is just a fantastic way for monitoring children’s developing ICT skills and their use of new ICT tools.

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