Children Stranded by Volcanic Ash

If you are a fan of the Lowestoft Journal, then you will have come across this story last week. Sarah Brownswood and her girls were trapped in Istanbul and unable to get back to class for a number of days. Due of course to volcanic ash. A resourceful and forward thinking teacher, Sarah mentioned her plight on Twitter and asked if any school would like to skype with her and the family to bring the issue to life for other classes back int the UK.

I happened to catch this on Twitter and asked if she’d share the story for users of Purple Mash. I am thrilled to say she agreed and I have turned the video and pictures she shot  into an Apptivity for Purplemash.You can see the video she made below, while clicking here will allow you to try out the Apptivity.

 Thanks to Sarah and her girls, we now have a really meaningful and relevant writing stimulus video and some great photographs for young writers to include in a newspaper template.

 And all this for free

Stranded by Volcanic Ash Purplemash


This video doesn’t exist

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