Making Free Teaching Resources about your Area

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been making some Holiday themed Publish Projects for PurpleMash. These are proving very popular already and we have had lots of clicks on these particular Apptivities. In the pictures below, you can see the two different templates and each image will link to the relevant Apptivities.

Here is the magazine template:

And here is the attractions template, which allows for more detailed writing. 

We currently have Apptivities for Cardiff, London, Swansea and (thanks to Colin Hill)  Southport, now online. If you would like us to make an Apptivity for your area, then do please email me. I just need some good quality photos and explanatory text. It would be good to have the UK major towns and cities covered, along with lesser known places too. Together we can create a large suite of creative online Literacy and Geography mashups to inspire children in their writing.

Get in touch with or leave a comment with your view below.

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