Free World Cup Teaching Resources

I have been working closely with 2Simple’s biggest football fan, Andy ‘Wolf’ Hopkins on creating a range of APPtivities around the theme of the World Cup.

All these can be used by your class today. Click on the titles to go straight to the APPtivities.

World Cup Database

Bring data handling to life with this meaningful context for a database.

world cup database purplemash 2simple

Match Report

Write a report about a football match using adjectives and connective phrases to make the report an exciting read!

Football Magazine

football 2simple purplemash free

Imagine you are the editor of Pitch Perfect, a new football magazine. Create an eye-catching front page to excite readers, including interesting headlines and pictures.

Football Player Profile

football 2simple purplemash

Create a profile of a football player. Think about what team or country they play for, their skills and statistics. You could use your internet research skills to find out interesting facts about the player.

Country Profile world cup 2simple purplemash

I had a request via the 2Simple Facebook page to create an APPtivity to support children as they research facts about countries in the World Cup. We have come up with eight templates to represent each of the groups in the tournament. You can find them here:

Group A
Group B
Group C

Group D
Group E
Group F

Group G
Group H

A trip to South Africa south africa free 2simple purplemash

Why not plan a trip to the place where it all happens. Our international team have created this South African itinerary template to help you plan your virtual visit.

If you have used any of these with your class, then do let us know. If you also have any suggestions for other APPtivities, then either email me or leave a comment in the box below.

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