May Mash – some of the latest free teaching resources in Purple Mash

As many of you will know by now, as part of the Purple Mash online experience there are many free teaching resources for you to use in class. To help inspire your lessons, here is a summary of what we have added to Purple Mash so far this month.
Simple News are looking for an editor to create an eye catching front page for their newspaper, about an Oil Slick that is causing havoc across the coastline. Reporters should consider where and why the slick occurred and suggest potential solutions for their readers. Click here to see the resource –

Henry VIII had so many wives that he keeps getting confused! Could your class help him by creating a profile on each wife to remind him who they are and what happened during their marriage? To see the profile template, just click here-

There is also a newspaper template that could be used to tell the world about Henry VIII’s latest marriage! This template can be found here-

A chef in Hendon would like to make some yummy chocolate crispy cakes, but he doesn’t have a recipe! Perhaps you could ask your class to think about the sequence of making the cakes and create a recipe guide for him. Create your recipe sequence here-

As summer is approaching, many of you will be discussing holiday destinations with your class. We have created a range of Publish Project templates for you, including banks of relevant clip art and photographs of the location, that your class can use to create brochures and posters to attract holiday makers. We are adding more and more of these each week. Here are a few to get you started-

The Premier League may be over but the World Cup is just around the corner! Investigate this readymade World Cup database with your class, providing a fun way to introduce databases and a good stimulus for internet research whilst improving geography knowledge too! To start exploring the database, click here-
Your class could also utilize their research skills by creating country profiles on all the countries involved in the world cup . Just visit

Though it is almost summer, there is still a cold mysterious chill in the evenings. Ask your class to imagine they are in a spooky, creepy wood. What do they see, feel and hear? They can use the word prompts and photographs to help them write a description of the creepy wood. Click here to see this resource-

These are just a few of the brand new teaching resources available for you at no cost, simply by visiting If you have any ideas for new publishing projects that you would like to see on Purple Mash, please do comment below or email!

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I am the PR and Marketing lady for 2Simple Software and am passionate about creative anywhere, anytime learning.
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2 Responses to May Mash – some of the latest free teaching resources in Purple Mash

  1. Stephanie Homewood says:

    The resources for Henry VIII are really good for our Year 4s, inspiring them for their Tudors project work.
    As a year three teacher some resources on the Romans invading Britain would fit perfectly into our Literacy/History work!

  2. 2simplegemma says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    Thank you for your comment! 🙂 So glad the Henry VIII projects are helping to inspire the children’s work. I will do my best to get a Romans resource up for you. I hope you enjoy the latest APPtivities just as much too and if you have any further ideas, please do send them over!

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