More May Mash!

Since our last blog post there have been lots of lovely new free teaching resources added to Purple Mash. The best way to find out more about these would be to visit and explore the nutritious APPtivities for yourself. Here is also a little summary to get your creative juices flowing!

To help reinforce the children’s understanding of the five senses, we have created a Seaside Senses APPtivity encouraging children to think about all the different things they can see, smell, hear, taste and touch at the seaside. There is a supportive word bank and a selection of topical photographs and clip art to inspire their work.

To encourage creative writing, there is now a Fairy Tales template for children to create their own exciting fairy tales. There are again photographs and clip art to choose from and a ‘think about’ box encouraging them to consider plot, characters and how their story will begin and end. Let your imagination run wild and create one for yourself at

The new Healthy Teeth and Eggs APPtivities have stimulating video clips that children can combine with their own research to create informative leaflets.

Three new profile templates have been added to Purple Mash recently: Alien Profile, Pop Star Profile and Planet Profile. Children can use their internet research skills to make fun and informative fact sheets on their fictional aliens, a pop star and the planets of the solar system.

For the poetry lovers, you will be pleased to hear we have new templates for both Kenning and Cinquain poetry. Perhaps you could write one for us about what you think of Purple Mash!

You will know from our last post that there are now lots and lots of APPtivities to support your teaching around the World Cup. Well for those of you that are already a little bored of football following the Premier League, we have created a Game Rules template for any sport you like (though it can of course be football related too if you wish)! Children are asked to write out the rules of a sport as if for a friend that wanted to play but didn’t know how to. Not only a good stimulus for descriptive writing but handy for PE lessons too!

We had several requests for more Maths APPtivities so we hope you will all enjoy writing about the properties of Polygons, Quadrilaterals and 3D shapes within the latest templates. There are even more maths treats coming soon too including Pirate Co-ordinates and Telling the Time, so watch this space!

There are now templates for children to write about the properties of Solids, Liquids and Gases, as well as sorting and describing Transparent and Opaque materials.

The Trip to South Africa template has been so popular that we have now created a new template for you to create an itinerary for a Paris Trip. There is a large selection of photographs and clip art to choose from and  the handy ‘think about’ box to support the children. There is also a Paris Attractions template for children to write about three popular attractions in France’s capital city. Again they could use their internet research skills to gather the information.

And finally, the most fun way to understand a sequence must surely be the process of Making Jelly! Children can use the photographs, clip art and word bank to create instructions on how to make yummy jelly. If at the end of this lesson you have any jelly to spare, please do send some over!

We hope you have enjoyed your 2nd May Mash update and now feel inspired to explore all the new templates. Remember, free-range mash comes at no cost and is ready and waiting to be used in your class. If you have any suggestions for APPtivities that you would like to see within Purple Mash, please do comment below or email We’d love to hear what you think and do keep your eye out for even more Mash over the next couple of weeks! Oh and finally, if your class have done some work using any section of Purple Mash that you would like to share, please do send either the files or screen shots over to us so we can share their great work with everyone here on the blog and on our Facebook page too (


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I am the PR and Marketing lady for 2Simple Software and am passionate about creative anywhere, anytime learning.
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