2Simple in your Classrooms – May Edition

I want to take some time to share some examples of work that I have been sent, tweeted, facebooked or just heard about over the last few weeks. If you have any further examples that you would like to share, please do let me know.

World Cup Games

2DIY World Cup 2Simple

Northwood Primary School have a number of World Cup Activities on their Website, including some quizzes about competing countries made with 2DIY. Well done to them for their great use of 2DIY.

Profile of Saint George made with PurpleMash.

Angie Lee from Galley Hill Primary in Hemel Hempstead,  pointed us to her slide show of St George Profiles that her children had made using the profile APPtivity in PurpleMash.

st george purplemash 2simple

Click on the image to be taken to her site and watch the slide show – some lovely work here -Thank you for sharing!

Using 2Publish+ and Fantasic Mr Fox

Colin Hill from Birkdale Primary School, has been doing some great work with his Year 3 / 4 class around the farmers in Fantastic Mr Fox. His class wrote about and drew the different farmers, using templates in 2Publish+. He then saved their work as images and combined them in the slide show below. Click on the link to be taken to their lovely showcase.

2Publish+ 2Simple

Super Shetland Stories from Burravoe Primary I became aware of the work of Burravoe School in Shetland earlier this year when Caroline Breyley, their Headteacher, sent me some examples of their Superstories. I have included some examples of their work below, which have been long overdue a showcase on this blog! The school has now moved onto working with 2DIY and are busy preparing games which they will enter into the Shetland Enterprise competition. They have begun documenting the creation of these games on their blog, which happens to be a very good read! I really like the way they are working in teams to develop their games and I look forward to seeing the finished products.

The Girl and her dog

2Create a Superstory 2simple

The Zoo

2create a superstory

The Really Bad Day

Perhaps when they have finished they can use the Game Box designer tool in PurpleMash to create the cover for their games.

PurpleMash Display at Parkfield School

purplemash display 2simple

Regular blog contributor and 2Simple fan, Simon Haughton, sent me a picture of his ICT room display about PurpleMash/ Creative Online Tools. I have included it below in the hope that it will inspire others to spruce up their display boards with some great examples of children’s work.

If you have any work to share, please contact me (Anthony) or Gemma, and we can include it in a future blog post or in the new magazine, the Purple Press.

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