More Publish Projects – So where now?

This week we are adding even more Publish Projects and also asking you for  your views on features we could add.

The three new apptivities being added today are as follows (note hyperlinks to each apptivity will be added later)

Roman Invasion News

This would be ideal for work in  Year 3 and 4, where your pupils are looking at the popular topic of Invading and Settling. Pupils can use the photographs of coastal scenes and layer images of soldiers and boats on top of these scenes to create the headline picture. To write the front page article there is the usual mix of prompt questions and a well stocked word bank.

purple mash 2Simple romans

If your class use this Publish Project then do please let me know – I’d love to see some examples.

Making a Flan

Another great sequencing activity, where children have to select photographs and describe each of the stages involved in creating a tasty summer treat.

2simple purplemash purple mash flan

Sports Day

We are certainly in Sports Day season at the moment and schools have been asking us to make an apptivity on this theme. We have listened and here it is, a news report style template complete with athletic clip art and scenes of cheering spectators.

Don’t forget that if you have a license for Purple Mash you can customise these further and unlock enhanced functionality. Licence holders are now able to edit and resize text, so more can be fitted into the columns. They can also change the locked text boxes to something more fitting, so Sports news could become Hendon Primary News. Having a licence also allows you to save and open your work, so that you can continue working on it at a later time.

Here is a short video that explains some of the differences between paid and free uses of Purple Mash

Now you have watched this video and used Publish Projects, please tell us what other features could we add to further enhance the experience for paid users of Purple Mash. What would make these even more versatile?

How else could these tools support you as a teacher to support your learners in the writing process?

Please add your comments in the comment box below.

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