Games Design in Year Four

I was thrilled to see this video on the VITAL You Tube channel. The video shows Matt Lovegrove from Sonning Common Primary, working with 2DIY to enable his children to become games designers.

Matt’s year four children make learning games for children in year two, giving the children real context for games design. As you watch the video you will see how the children begin to compile a list of criteria for their games and focus on their audience.

Note – if You Tube is blocked in your school – you may want to watch this at home

Regular readers of this blog will know that the idea of designing games for younger learners is a tried and tested project and is very rewarding for both designers and players. See for instance our work with Tim Rylands and two school who collaborated over skype to design and evaluate games.

Why not have a go with your school? 

If you don’t have 2DIY in your school why not contact Anthony or Gemma and ask for a 30 Day approval copy.

Thank you to Vital for producing this video and to Matt and his children  for his 2DIY enthusiasm and for showcasing the project. You can read more about Matt’s work on his blog.

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