2Simple and Teachmeet

2Simple Teachmeet Purple Mash

Having taken part  in (and organised as skinnyboyevans)  some excellent Teachmeet events around the UK, 2Simple is a bona fide supporter of these inspiring events.

Whether it be constructively contributing to micropresentations, sharing first-hand classroom experiences or simply being one of the “enthusiastic lurkers”… you name it, we embrace it.

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Simon Haughton talks about Purple Mash at Teachmeet Black Pool

 We are aware that some of you, who organises Teachmeets, may need a little helping hand from time to time. Here are some ways 2Simple can support your event:

 2Simple Goodies

We are happy to provide your event with 2Simple goodie bags – what’s inside them? It’s a surprise!

Simply let us know the estimated number of attendees and we’ll make sure that you’ll have enough for the night.

 Purple Prize

If you are running a competition on the day, do let us know – if we have a relevant prize, we’d be happy to provide this for you.

 Free Trials

You’d also be pleased to know that we offer free trials to schools.

Your attendees may request a 30 day trial to any 2Simple program highlighted on any of the presentations by filling in a request form that we’ll provide you.

 Any other ideas on ways we can support your event is welcomed – email mikee@2simple.com or call 0208 203 1781.

 Here is Max and I at Teachmeet Game

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