2Simple Software has been committed to supporting teaching and learning for over a
decade and continues its mission to create high-quality, simple yet powerful, creative
software for children from age 3 upwards. 2Simple has become a household name in
education and currently supply to 75% of UK schools.

2Simple’s ethos is to keep IT simple; making high quality software that is simple enough for anyone to use but powerful enough to meet the needs of all users.
There are currently 35 programs in the 2Simple range, covering Literacy, Numeracy,
Animation, Art, Music, Modern Foreign Languages, Multimedia Authoring and ICT
Assessment to name but a few!

2Simple’s latest program 2Create A Superstory enables primary children to bring their own multimedia story creations to life through the use of exciting, versatile tools and templates. Schools can trial 2Create A Superstory and all other 2Simple programs on a free 30 day trial.

2Simple have also recently launched their brand new creative online space called Purple Mash! Visit http://www.purplemash.com to use the free-range teaching resources such as publishing and painting projects. For a free trial or to purchase a licence of gourmet mash including the suite of creative Online Tools, plus some of your favourite 2Simple programs online, call 2simple on 020 8203 1781 or email info@2simple.com.

This blog is coordinated by Anthony Evans, online content manager for 2Simple Software.


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  1. Rebecca says:

    I really like it but could I please play it. My school has it and I really want to do it at home too. So how can I? Please pretty plaese with suger on top?

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