2Simple ICONs Poster – Thanks to Ashley for putting this together.

Border displays

Thanks to Bev Evans who created these PDFS

2Type A4 KeyBoard – Thank you to Ophelia Vanderpuye of Oakington Manor School for creating this helpful resource.

2DIY Creative Ideas

I have created a collaborative shared Google Presentation on creative ways to use 2DIY. You can already gain lots of ideas of how to use the software by visiting the 2DIY page on our website. There is also a wealth of great examples to inspire you over on the 2DIY archive. However, I am sure there are lots more ideas out there and I am always interested by the new approaches teachers and pupils generate.

Using 2Paint A Picture

A series of Flash files from Bev Evans on creating great Art with 2Paint a Picture

Planning with 2Create a Superstory

Here is a simple plan that has been used successfuly with Reception Children -credit again to Simon Haughton.

Creating a simple animated scene2

LOGO_commands – This page gives a list of relevant commands for both Logo Online and Logo from 2Control NXT – – Thanks again to Ashley for putting this togther.

Music Toolkit

Tunes to play in 2Play – This page gives you a selection of key sequnces you can use with 2Play – this includes: ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ and ‘Row Row Row your Boat’ credit again to Simon Haughton


Here are two worksheets that provide prompts for using 2Connect – credit again to Simon Haughton


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